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Bring your BIM models into the physical world and access real-time sensor data. HoloSpace Core makes your data come alive by voice-controlled interactive holographic projection.

Actual demo footage from a prototype developed in collaboration with Sweco and Akademiska Hus, 2018.
HoloSpace Core
Interactive mixed reality BIM and IoT visualisation
Annotate and review BIM models on-site using voice memos and 3D holographic annotation. HoloSpace BIM Annotator integrates with industry standard BIM software such as Autodesk Revit for effective and simple communication between site managers, architects and engineers.
HoloSpace BIM Annotator

Intuitive mixed reality BIM annotation
Edit your BIM models on-site using our intuitive holographic interface and automatically save your changes to Autodesk Revit and other BIM software. HoloSpace BIM Editor ensures that your BIM models stay accurate years after construction.

Intuitive holographic on-site BIM editing
HoloSpace BIM Editor

Generate high-quality BIM models of existing buildings based on high-precision scanning and AI-based feature extraction. HoloSpace BIM Creator is a fast and cost-effective solution to bring your existing building stock into the virtual world.
AI-enabled auto-generation of BIM models
HoloSpace BIM Creator
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